MetDesk satellite image showing commom hydrological risk in S.Italy, Albania and Montenegro

09 June 2020
Towards an integrated cross-border technology for hydrological risk management

A hydrogeological monitoring service has been activated for the collection of data relating to river flows and rainfall, to predict and prevent situations of danger present on sample areas of the Puglia Region, Montenegro and the Lezha Region (Albania). 

The installed sensor network was developed on the basis of the know-how and skills acquired by the Civil Protection of the Puglia Region (Lead Partner), who shared with the project partners their experience and methodology to improve monitoring capacity and interpretation of the phenomena and optimize the use of real-time data for civil protection purposes.

A recent project milestone achieved is the installation of the sensors in the Albanian municipalities of Lezha, Shengjin and Lac, which will provide timely warnings about the flood risk.The entire Lezha region is at risk of flooding and the sensors will provide real-time information on the amount of rain, temperature, soil moisture, wind direction and air pressure.

After the installation of sensors in Montenegro, an integrated cross-border risk management system will be active on the entire area covered by the 3Watchout project.