Worskshop on flooding and landslides in Berane

03 December 2019
Workshop on "Flooding and landslides risk reduction", Berane, Montenegro

Workshop on “Flooding and landslides risk reduction”, was held in Berane, Montenegro, on 03 Dec 2019. It was organised by the Directorate for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior. 

In the opening speech by Denisa Nurkovic, Head or regional branch of the Directorate, she reminded the participants about the fact that flooding is among the most relevant hazards in Montenegro and in the entire region. She expressed her firm belief that the presentations and the interaction during the workshop will advance the readiness in the area of protection and rescue in case of flooding but also other types of natural disasters.

During the workshop, the participants have emphasised the importance of preventive actions, proper documentation, and strategic plans on both local and country level, but also the proper implementation of the national Framework for risk reduction of natural disasters. Among other elements, the importance of education and awareness-raising among the general population assumes a central role. 

This workshop was attended by a high number of interested participants coming from a wide range of different institutions and stakeholders in the area: several municipalities, Police departments, local scout organisations, state road company Crnogoraput, and the Directorate for Emergency Management.