News and events

Final event in Lezhe
11 June 2021
The Final Event in Lezha, Albania
Firefighting helicopters during the exercise, Ugento, Italy
31 May 2021
Joint efforts and steps forward: The final exercise in 3 countries
Examples of Permanent Operation Rooms across Italy
29 April 2021
Webinar for Institutions and Volunteer
gis gui during the web meeying
23 April 2021
Meeting with WEBGIS technicians
webinar as field exercise
29 March 2021
4th Webinar: Towards the Field Exercise
the wetlands ecosystem is home to high number of botanical and zoological species
11 December 2020
Special plants will preserve the natural landscape of the protected area in Southern Italy
situation room
16 October 2020
Exercise on seismic risk in South Italy Region of Apulia
Presentation of the equipment
13 October 2020
Our project’s technological contribution to Montenegro's response to natural hazards
Drone equipment
13 October 2020
Public presentation of the new equipment