News and events

situation room
16 October 2020
Exercise on seismic risk in South Italy Region of Apulia
Presentation of the equipment
13 October 2020
Our project’s technological contribution to Montenegro's response to natural hazards
Drone equipment
13 October 2020
Public presentation of the new equipment
Preparatory briefing for the table-top  exercise on seismic risk
12 October 2020
Getting ready for the exercise on seismic risk
MetDesk satellite image showing commom hydrological risk in S.Italy, Albania and Montenegro
09 June 2020
Towards an integrated cross-border technology for hydrological risk management
Web GIS protecting the territory
05 June 2020
The 3 Watchout project WebGIS platform has been launched
Atmospheric parameters sensors
26 May 2020
Sensors in Lezhe will provide early warning from flooding
Medical emergency and first aid
03 March 2020
Series of Workshops and Awareness Days in Albania
Interreg addressing Climate Change publication
20 February 2020
Our Project selected among the best practices for sustainable future