News and events

Workshop in Lezha on natural hazards
20 December 2019
Workshop on natural hazards in Lezha
Workshop on Earthquakes in Budva, Montenegro
10 December 2019
"Earthquake risk reduction" worskshop in Budva
Hotel Budva, elegant venue where Seismic risk reduction Workshop will take place
07 December 2019
Worshop on Seismic risk to be held in the Montenegrin touristic city of Budva
Awareness day with schoolchildren in Berane. Montenegro
04 December 2019
Awareness Day with Schoolchildren in Berane on 04 Dec 2019 - Flooding and Lanslides
Worskshop on flooding and landslides in Berane
03 December 2019
Workshop on "Flooding and landslides risk reduction", Berane, Montenegro
Elementary school in Berane
30 November 2019
Schoolchildren to learn about landslides and flooding - Awareness day scheduled for 4 Dec 2019
Hotel Berane, Montenegro
29 November 2019
Workshop on Flooding and Landslides will take place in Berane on 03 Dec 2019
Workshop on wildfires in Podgorica
26 November 2019
Expert workshop “Wildfires risk reduction”
The 4th Project Meeting in Podgorica
12 September 2019
The 4th Project Meeting in Podgorica, 11-12 September 2019